Amy Roloff, star of reality series "Little People, Big World" appears to be having some difficulty dealing with ex-husband Matt Roloff's new girlfriend Caryn Chandler according to new reports. It is hard enough to deal with a divorce in any family, but when you are a celebrity family and star on a popular reality series things get even tougher because every moment is caught on camera.

Amy Roloff not over Matt?

Matt Roloff,55, introduced his new girlfriend Caryn Chandler,49, on the new season opener of "Little People, Big World" to his family and the world just one year after going through a nasty divorce from his former wife Amy.

Matt claims after the divorce he did a lot of "soul searching" really thinking over just what he wanted at this stage of his life. He reveals Caryn "offered him companionship," giving him the things he needed in life that he did not have with Amy.

Matt Roloff flaunts new girlfriend in Amy's face, is it too soon?

However, Caryn was no stranger to the family, in fact, she worked for Amy as the family farm manager for years and was someone Amy considered a friend. The Roloff kids appear to have moved on from their parent's divorce a little easier than Amy has according to Radar, who reports that Caryn was invited to Matt and Amy's pregnant daughter-in-law's gender reveal party.

Something that did not sit well with Amy Roloff, who was more than obvious she was not pleased with seeing Matt and Caryn together at the family party.

Amy reveals despite being asked in advance by Tori if it would be okay with her to invite Caryn to the family event, she was surprised by the question and more surprised that Caryn actually felt comfortable enough to attend such a personal family event so soon.

Obviously, Amy was uncomfortable at the event sharing the details with her close pal Lisa, who asked how she felt about the situation.

Deciding to bite her tongue on the matter Amy just stated, “You don’t even want to go there. Caryn’s been part of this world or quite some time. If that’s what Matt wants, why should I have anything to say about that?”

The tension was thick despite Amy's attempt at remaining calm and collect during the awkward situation fans believe before the end of the year Amy will most likely lose control and there will be an explosive moment or ten on the reality series between the two women.How will the family handle the touchy issue in the upcoming months, will the two women ever really get through their issues?

Holidays with the Roloff's are looking to be quite interesting at this rate, wouldn't you agree?