Remember the awkward photo of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" matriarch Mama June in a "Baywatch" bathing suit? Well that was 323 pounds heavier. June Shannon redid that photo after gastric bypass, weight-loss, tummy tuck, boob job and skin removal plastic surgery. Thanks to those procedures and a helpful airbrush, Shannon proved her "From Not to Hot" makeover. But some are questioning it.

Mama June: from Honey Boo Boo to Baywatch

In the "Toddlers & Tiaras" and "Honey Boo Boo" days, June Shannon loved to flaunt her obesity. She was a 460-lb mom of pageant queen Alana Thompson and several other kids who became reality television stars on TLC.

June and her live-in "Sugar Bear" Mike Thompson were proud of their plus-sized redneck lifestyle. June was to "Baywatch" what "My 600-lb Life" is to a Kim Kardashian. But, never one to shy away from irony, the reality TV mom posed in a red Baywatch swimsuit. Now June's flaunting her "From Not to Hot" breast implant upgrade, tummy tuck, skin removal, 160-lb body in the same smaller suit.

Mama June drops more weight, fits size 4 Baywatch swimsuit?

June Shannon boasts to have lost 300 pounds and gotten down to a size 4. And while she looks a lot smaller, fans doubt the weight-loss figures. At first the reality TV star wouldn't admit she'd had gastric bypass surgery. She was saving the bariatric surgery weight-loss for a surprise on WEtv's "From Not to Hot." But viewers saw this as lying.

Then, the numbers didn't add up. Supposedly, June was 460 pounds on "Honey Boo Boo," lost 100-150, then got a gastric sleeve. But June claims her biggest size was 18-20. At 460 or even 310 pounds (after her claimed pre-surgery weight-loss), she'd be around size 28. Viewers aren't swallowing her boasted size 4 after obesity either.

But that's another of June's secrets -- she's actually lost another 23 pounds and now weighs 137 pounds, she claims.

Mama June weighs 137 pounds after further weight-loss?

So obviously the "Honey Boo Boo" star is smaller, but dubious weight-loss claims have cast a pall over Mama June's entire makeover. She claims now to weight 137 pounds after another 23-pound drop in weight since "From Not to Hot" ended.

But the swimsuit pics tell another story. June appears to have had a photoshop and/or airbrush makeover in the "Baywatch" suit. Her arms, thighs, legs and hands, though smoothed out by airbrushing, still look too pudgy for 137 pounds. Even if you're toned (June isn't), you certainly don't fit a size 4 swimsuit, tummy tuck or skin removal notwithstanding. Bathing suits run small and the boob job alone would need a size 12. Does this diminish June's progress? Sugar Bear's morbidly obese new wife Jennifer Lamb would love to see that. But faulty math or not, there's no denying that June's working to beat obesity -- with a vengeance.