On Thursday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Coco Spectra was contemplating turning in her sister Sally for stealing designs from "Forrester Creations." R.J. and his family were pressuring her to let the police know that she was innocent, and had no prior knowledge of what her family was up to. On Friday, she told Sally that the Forrester family wanted to have her prosecuted. And that she could get up to 15 years in prison. Coco desires to do the right thing but does not want to see her sisters in jail.

The Forrester family loses millions

Sally had allowed her grandmother Shirley, and business associate Saul, to plant cameras in Coco's jewelry. They were able to see original Forrester designs in clothing and jewelry. They made copies of everything then recreated the fashions with cheaper material and slight alterations. During the Spectra fashion show, both Coco and Thomas Forrester realized what had transpired.

The Forresters had to scrap their fashion show and incurred millions of dollars in losses. Thomas who had admitted his love to Sally walked out on her. Carter, the family lawyer, found out there was only one way the Forresters could press charges against the Spectra's. If Coco would admit that her big sis used her to spy, then Sally could be prosecuted for corporate espionage.

Nicole says if she were in the same situation as Coco, she would never send her sister Maya to prison. Steffy and Ridge are hoping Coco comes through for them, while Thomas looks conflicted.

Sally makes a choice

After the siblings have a heart to heart, discussing all the information, Coco is torn between her love for her sibling, and her love for R.J.

When she decides to speak to the authorities and tell the truth, Sally stops her. She informs her baby sister that she will not be going to the Forresters to tell what happened because Sally is going to turn herself in.

Carter and Detective Charlie Baker are waiting with the Forresters when Coco walks through the door. Behind her is Sally, who admits she is guilty of stealing the fashions.

Detective Baker reads Ms. Spectra her rights and arrests her. Thomas stands speechless, watching the entire scene unfold. If he chooses, he could come to the rescue of the woman he loves.

Thomas could post her bail, or perhaps convince his family not to press charges. The love that Sally and Thomas have for each other is clear, from the way they continue to look at each other. The same can be said regarding R.J. and Coco. Sally is choosing to do the right thing, just might turn the situation in her favor.