For those who have been hiding under a rock, this week has been the big five networks’ upfronts. It was their chance to get more ad buyers and share their fall 2017 schedule with the masses. While the bigger four networks focused on their viewing figures and high-powered shows, The CW focused on its “multi-platform success.” Arguably, this was the strongest focus going for the teen network.

A network focusing on online streaming

While other networks do offer Online Streaming, most don’t bother focusing on it as much. In fact, other networks are all about the live viewing figures in an attempt to gain the best ad buyers for their shows.

The CW’s live viewing figures never really go above 1 million in the key demographic and never really above 2 million overall.

That was once a major turn-off. However, The CW has done something that no other network has done. It’s focused more on streaming, DVR, and “multi-platform success.” In fact, that was mostly what The CW President Mark Pedowitz spoke about during his upfront speech.

The CW accepts the change to the industry

Throughout the last year, The CW has been commended for its change in the way it works. The state of the industry is changing. With new technology, people are recording for later, streaming on multiple devices, and choosing to watch without a TV in the house. Rather than wallow in the low ratings, The CW has accepted this change to the industry and used other methods to determine if a show is viable.

The Twitter and Facebook trends are commonly considered by the network. Just look at Thursday nights and fans will see “Supernatural” as one of the top trends, because younger viewers are sharing what they’re watching through the social media platforms. The cast members of the shows often live tweet while watching the shows to engage with fans.

Once “Supernatural” was one of the only shows to live tweet. Now the majority of shows will have someone from the cast or crew live tweeting with fans, knowing that it is a popular way people keep up to date and watching TV. Pedowitz even noted that Lucy Hale, who will star in midseason freshman show “Life Sentence” has a huge social media following that she will bring to the network.

A smart CW fall 2017 schedule

While announcing the “multi-platform success,” Pedowitz shared the fall 2017 schedule for the network. It is no surprise that the schedule is well thought-out and planned. While some fans will be disappointed that the Arrowverse isn’t spanning four nights anymore, they have to rejoice that “Arrow” is paired once more with “Supernatural;” two shows that are very similar to each other.

“Jane the Virgin” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” are finally reunited, putting comedy with comedy. Meanwhile, “Riverdale” and “Dynasty” sit hand-in-hand on Wednesdays. It's clear that this new lineup was organized with "multi-platform success" in mind.