The novel was originally written by Stephen King back in 1977 and was adapted into a horror feature film by Stanley Kubrick four years later. While King was never particularly impressed with Kubrick’s work on his story, fans loved the horror film and will now get to experience a little of the terror at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights at its 27th iteration this coming season. Hosted at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood, this is the ultimate in Halloween horror.

The Pasadena Star News reports that the maze experience will be disturbingly authentic.

Together with the maze, guests will also be able to explore some of the more popular and scary scenes from the film while touring the haunted halls of the iconic Overlook Hotel.

‘Here’s Johnny’ – an experience of Jack Torrance’s journey into insanity

While visiting the decidedly creepy "The Shining" experience, visitors will learn more about the story of madness and murder, as the hotel’s caretaker Jack Torrance disintegrates into madness. Ghosts will be hiding around every corner, waiting to greet an unsuspecting guest.

As reported by Theme Park Insider, tickets are available for the Halloween Horror Nights to be held from September 15 through November 3 at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando.

Dates have yet to be announced for the Universal Hollywood horror version, however, eventually, the scary sound of “redrum, redrum” will be heard in Hollywood too.

Halloween Horror Nights are a popular scare

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights have been running now for over two decades and many horror fans have been enjoying the experience of being inside a real-life horror movie.

The two parks have created many different attractions based on classic slasher and horror films, including the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “The Exorcist,” “Friday the 13th,” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” They have also hosted popular annual attractions based on the zombie series “The Walking Dead.” The latter was so popular, it was turned last summer into a permanent attraction.

There have also been several massive horror-themed music shows, guest-starring the likes of Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Black Sabbath and Slash, using their respective music to create creepy experiences.

Horror being horror, it is probably strange that no one has thought to introduce a Stephen King-related theme to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights before. Readers can have a look at the scary promo for the events below.