Years ago on "General Hospital," Liesl Obrecht donned a mask and pretended to be Anna Devane. Fans of the show are now wondering if this is what is taking place yet again. At the end of Friday's episode, Anna was in Port Charles, talking to Valentine Cassidine. A moment later, the camera cut to a scene of Ms. Devane in a hospital bed in London England. She obviously could not be in both places at once.

Is Obrecht the culprit, or is there another?

Fans have noticed that Anna has changed, since a conversation she had with Leisl not long ago. They were discussing WSB business while at "General Hospital." There have not been any scenes with the two women together since that day.

Did Obrecht switch places with the real Anna at that point? It's only logical for GH viewers to believe, that Liesl is up to her old tricks.

Since that day, Anna Devane is very intense and often seems distracted. She also has an unnatural obsession with Valentine Cassidine. She keeps trying to force him to give her information related to when they worked as WSB agents. Anna has been following this man all over Port Charles, and pressuring him relentlessly, about who he sold something called the Chimera project to.

Ms. Devane placed a bug in a watch she gave Valentine, and has been spying on him with most of her free time. She finds out his schedule, and shows up wherever he is supposed to be.

Anna is also exhibiting complete disregard for the fact that she is causing problems in his marriage to Nina. And gets a sneaky, satisfying look on her face if she over hears the couple arguing. On Friday, Nina destroyed the watch, so it can no longer be utilized.

Anna also has missed appointments for a rare cancer she was diagnosed with.

These are not characteristics loyal "General Hospital" fans have come to know from her. Everything she is currently doing is exactly what viewers would expect from Liesl Obrecht.

And then there were two Anna's

Leisl has complete loyalty to Ceasar Faison. When she realized he loved Anna and not her, Liesl impersonated Anna to fool him.

She may be doing the same now, in order to fulfill a debt to the organization she once worked for. Whatever the Chimera is, has to be behind all the strange activity on "General Hospital".

Increasingly this mystery is drawing in more Port Charles residents. In addition to "Anna" practically stalking Valentine to gain information about it, Jason Morgan is now involved. His son Jake drew a picture of the Chimera, so Jason has now gone to Cassidine Island in Greece. He believes this mythological creature has something to do with his past.

Jason also knows that because Jake drew an image of the beast, he must know something about it. Both were on the Island, when Helena Cassidine was alive and well and programming everyone to do her bidding.

This will no doubt be a great adventure between Port Charles, London, and Greece. And now we have two Anna Devane's, one hospitalized and the other obsessed with the Chimera. There is also the possibility that look alike cousin Alex Devane may be back in town.