The next episode of “General Hospital” will focus on the Nurses Ball, an event that intends the whole Port Charles to have a happy bonding while giving back to charity. However, this year’s event will be much different from its previous gathering.

The Chimera Project

Alex Marick (Finola Hughes) is in town, taking the place of Anna Devane, her sister which will cause confusion among family and friends. She is somehow connected to the frequently discussed topic in the previous episodes of “General Hospital,” the Chimera Project.

Jake (Hudson West) is suspected to be primarily involved with the project because of the time he spent on Cassadine Island.

Aside from that, there were speculations that he has the key to unleash the danger. The disaster that comes along with the unleashing of the project will put Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in the middle of the trouble.

The unleashed toxin associated with the Chimera Project will also make Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) a collateral damage. Moreover, the toxin will also harm those who are present at the Nurses Ball, which will apparently affect their lives in various ways. If Jason (Billy Miller) cannot stop the disaster that is about to happen, then there is no one else that can. DVX has been working on The Chimera Project, which is considered to be at high risk.

Many years ago, Valentin sold this to Helena (Constance Towers) in the hope that it will not be unleashed and bring danger to others.

However, now, he has no idea that even his daughter will taste its danger.

The Nurses Ball

The Nurses Ball will cater both new and old faces from the “General Hospital.” Robin (Kimberly McCullough) along with Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) are coming home to reconnect with Anna, however, they will instead see Alex. Eventually Robin will start having a gut feeling that something is off with her mother.

Some fans are up with the thought that Anna and Alex will cross their path during the event when the former has finally gotten away from the clinic in London. The Ball is scheduled next week. At the Nurses Ball, Jake will instead do a solo magic act and not with his partner Franco (Roger Howarth).

Meanwhile, Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) sent Jake a box with the should contain props that he will use for the magic act.

However, what he will find inside is the key to the Chimera Project. The days for the fulfillment of the Chimera project is near, and the plot will focus on the enclosing plots expected to intertwine for the Nurses Ball.