On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Dollar, Bill Spencer married the love of his life, Brooke Logan. The only people in attendance were his sons Liam and Wyatt, along with Brooke's son Rick and his wife Mia.Is Dollar Bill extending an olive branch to Rick and Mia, or only caught up in the happiness of finally making Rick's mother his bride? Knowing their past history, Bill may soon rescind his offer of a truce, and take the olive branch back.

Dollar Bill and Rick

Rick Forrester and Bill Spencer Jr. have a troubled history that keeps them at odds with one another. Because of the mutual love they share for Brooke, the two men basically stay in their own corners.

The most recent incident between Dollar Bill and Rick had to do with Rick's wife Mia. Bill found out that Mia had been born a man, named Myron. He published in his paper that she was transgender before Mia had a chance to tell Rick. The entire town was troubled by Bill's insensitivity, and his need to make a dollar. Rick accepted Mia as a woman and the two were later married.

The tension that has been between Rick and Bill over the years seems to have subsided now that they are bonded by marriage. Mia also must have forgiven Bill for causing her pain, because she was sitting beside her husband smiling during the ceremony. Mia and Rick both spoke before the wedding vows were finalized. Each said some really nice things to both Bill and Brooke.

It was as if the past had never happened. Long time fans of B&B realize this is quite out of character. And what happens next is truly shocking.

Off to Paris on the Spencer jet

Those viewing Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" may have wondered if they had just walked into the "Twilight Zone". Rick and Mia were invited to tag along on Bill and Brooke's honeymoon.

They were on the Spencer Jet headed to Paris with the newlyweds. The two couples laughed and talked as if they were old friends. Bill referred to Rick as his son, and Rick called him dad. It was done in a playful whimsical sort of way. Viewers realized the two were trying to get along for the sake of Brooke. And that it will not last very long, but Rick and Bill will milk this for all it is worth.

It was done in a playful whimsical sort of way and viewers realized the two were trying to get along for the sake of Brooke. Those who have watched B&B for any length of time, realize this kumbaya moment will not last very long but Rick and his step daddy Bill are milking this for all it is worth.

It's great for Brooke that for a season, her first born son and his stepdad are attempting to bond. Bill even gives some offhanded advice to Rick and Mia. When they share that Mia's sister Nicole is babysitting their daughter Lizzy, Bill tells them to be careful. He points out that Nicole may get too attached to the child she gave birth to. And may desire to reclaim the little girl she gave her sister and brother in law to raise as their own.

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