Brooke Logan finally made her choice between Dollar Bill and the dressmaker. On Friday, as Bill Spencer eagerly waited at the altar, Brooke walked through the door. Liam, Wyatt, Rick and Mia were witnesses as Justin officiated the nuptials. "The Bold and the Beautiful" kept everyone guessing until the last moment. And it was worth the wait.

Brooke has been indecisive

Brooke has been going back and forth between Bill and Ridge, like a ping pong ball. This year alone, she has been about to wed each of them. It looks however like the third time is the charm, At the end of Thursday's episode, of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Bill was at the altar, and Ridge was waiting in Brooke's house.

Both men expected the pretty blonde to walk through the door. When Friday's episode began, Quinn was entering Brooke's home, just as she was about to take her vows

Mia was the first guest to give the couple her best wishes, so obviously, all is forgiven. Bill had outed Mia in his newspaper aa being transgender. Her husband Rick also had nothing but love for his father in law/stepfather. Wyatt and Liam also put aside differences to wish the newlyweds happiness. Everyone in the room knows how indecisive Brooke has been up to this point. They are happy she finally made it official.

Ridge must admit defeat

Ridge had been relentless in his desire, to break up Bill and Brooke. He was certain that she was going to choose him.

He told Brooke he was headed to her house and waiting for her to marry him. The arrogance of this man is unbelievable. His fiancé caught him kissing his father's wife, 24 hours before they were to be wed. There is simply no coming back from that. Ridge love Brooke but also has the desire to one up Dollar Bill Spencer, his rival.

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Mr. Forrester is no thinking clearly, and this is why he now finds himself in this embarrassing situation.

When Quinn walks through the door, Ridge tells her she has to go because Brooke will soon be there. Quinn tells him that she just received a text from her son Wyatt, and lets Mr. Forrester know, that his "Logan" has chosen to marry Dollar Bill.

This is going to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Recently Ridge's family business took a hit when Sally Spectra stole designs. His son Thomas gave Sally $100,000.00 to help her out and Ridge fires him. Now he has lost his true love to a man he loathes. At this point, Ridge must do a reality check. He should accept defeat, lick his wounds and move one.