"The Bold and the Beautiful' does something that other daytime drama's do not. They rotate certain members of the cast. Hope Logan left town, returned and left again. Her mother Brooke Logan departed LA to spend time with Hope. Brooke later returned to the show, Stephanie Forrester also left town for several months, but now is back and in several major story lines. One other rotating character is Ivy Forrester.

Ivy Forrester's connection

Miss Ivy is portrayed by the beautiful Ashleigh Brewer. Ivy the daughter of John Forrester, whose brother is Eric. Ivy came to town to learn the family business.

She fell in love with Liam Spencer, who had been in a triangle between Steffy Forrester and Hope Logan. Ivy and Liam began dating, but she knew his heart belonged to her cousins Steffy. Ivy tricked Liam into marrying her because her visa was about to expire, and she need to stay in the United States.

When later she found that her visa was current, Ivy told her husband and the marriage was dissolved. She left town and returned. Unable to have Liam for herself, she began dating his brother Wyatt.

It turns out that he too was smitten with Steffy. Ivy left town for a second time. She returned and Quinn tried to make her over into a Stephanie look alike so she could have a chance with Liam. This is because Quinn wanted Steffy to remain married to her son Wyatt.

This back and forth gives Ms. Brewer no room to stretch her acting abilities.

Ivy's current situation is in the shadows

Ivy Forrester returned to her native Australia once more, and came back when Liam and Steffy were considering a double wedding with Ridge and Brooke. Ivy noticed that Ridge and Quinn seemed a little too close for comfort. She began spending her time on camera, standing in the shadows, spying on Quinn and Ridge.

She also began helping plan Steffy's wedding. It seemed overnight Ivy went from being her cousin's rival for Liam, to becoming their biggest fan. Ivy suggested the two couples get married in Australia and off they went.

Steffy and Liam were married, but Brooke caught Quinn and Ridge kissing and broke her engagement. When they returned home, Ivy became a side kick.

She would come out of the shadows, from a corner, or back room, and advise Quinn regarding her feelings for Ridge. At other times she would threaten her cousin Ridge, that she was going to snitch to his dad, her uncle Eric.

Ivy would pop up just in time to hear conversations and gain information. This talented lady is just standing on the side lines when she should have a front burner story of her own.

The writers of "The Bold and the Beautiful" should make use of Ms. Ashleigh Brewer, before it's too late. They may ship her character off to down under one to many times. Ms. Brewer may decide not to return, and lend her acting skills elsewhere..

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