On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Ridge Forrester and Bill Spencer find themselves on the same page. This is very rare, as these two men are rivals in business, and also compete on a personal level when it comes to women. On this day, they finally put their differences aside and are in total agreement. Both were livid regarding a decision that Ridge's son Thomas made, in order to help Sally Spectra.

Dollar Bill is furious

Bill Spencer is a man who is used to getting what he wants. His heart was set on purchasing the Spectra building, because Sally Spectra defaulted on her rent payment.

Just as he was about to hand over a check and seal the deal with the owner of the property, Thomas Forrester came through for Sally with a check of his own for $100,000.

Dollar Bill could not believe he had been bested by the son of his rival. He stormed over to Forrester Creations and proceeded to rant and rave to Steffy and Ridge about the bone-headed thing Thomas had done for the "Bozo" Spectra's. Ridge and his daughter cannot believe that their son/brother put that much money into the company that stole their designs, and sold them as knock-offs. Ridge and Steffy agree with Bill that Thomas was wrong, and Ridge runs out of the office, saying that he is going to do something about it.

Thomas stands his ground

When Ridge arrives at his son's loft, he is shocked to see Sally Spectra sitting on the couch. He lashes out at his son for helping the woman who cost their family millions. Thomas defends Sally, saying that Bill's manipulation pushed her into stealing Forrester designs. Ridge is not hearing it. He lashes out at both Thomas and Sally, saying that Spectra Fashions should not be able to stay in business, and Thomas should not have given Sally the check.

He practically demands that his son not have anything more to do with Sally, but Thomas does not back down.

Thomas believes that if given a chance, Sally can be a successful designer in her own right. He sees the money as an investment. The rest of his family do not see things the same way. Coco Spectra tells Zende and Nicole that Thomas is in love with Sally.

They try to understand but are still concerned because their family business took a big financial hit. Dollar Bill still believes that he is going to own the property. Who knows what he will try next? One thing is certain: Bill Spencer will not back down.