Due to the mostly negative response to the last "Terminator" movie, "Terminator Genisys," the future of the franchise was assumed to be all but dead. However, the original star of the first few movies in the iconic franchise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has now confirmed that another sequel is, in fact, coming out soon. The actor was quoted saying that the sequel was indeed coming by reporters at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Presumed dead

While the last movie was not well received by critics, the film still managed to gross over $440 million in box office sales worldwide. This essentially made it the second-highest grossing film in the franchise.

However, reports regarding Paramount, the company that currently owns the property, completely removing the franchise from its development slate started to emerge. The rumors eventually died down, but this was of little comfort to concerned fans.

Arnold's involvement

Aside from the past movie's reception, there is, of course, a legitimate concern regarding Schwarzenegger's age. The 69-year old actor is obviously not as chiseled as he used to be, which actually resulted in the previous movie completely recreating the actor via computer generated graphics. The method was extremely time-consuming as it took 12 months to complete just 35 shots.

Similar to the previous movie, Schwarzenegger has also now announced that he will, in fact, be in the movie.

Unfortunately, he did not clarify if he was going to be physically present in it or if he would be appearing once again as a computer generated character.

Under new management

During Schwarzenegger's interview with Screen Daily, the actor revealed that he had actually met with James Cameron and talked about ideas for the next movie.

The director, who helmed the first two movies and created the series itself, will be getting the rights back to the property in 2019. This means that the director will likely be involved with the project when the rights revert back to him from Paramount.

At the moment, Cameron does have a lot on his plate. The famous director is set to start production on his "Avatar" sequels, which will have four in total on top of the original 2009 film.

This means that Cameron will likely not be able to find the time to direct the "Terminator" sequel anytime soon. Earlier in the year, "Deadpool" director Tim Miller was rumored to be the director for the new sequel, but that claim still remains unconfirmed.

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