Recently, TV Guide delivered up a whole bunch of new spoiler scoops for the upcoming season 2 of CW's hit drama: "Riverdale." We're going to go over about three of them in this article and then try to fit the other ones into another separate article. These feature a lot of issues that will be going on with the main guy, Archie, along with Veronica and Jughead.

Heavy revenge

We'll go ahead and get this session started with the "Dark Archie" storyline that we've been hearing so much about. This was actually one of the initial teasers that we were able to get our hands on right after the big finale episode.

However, TV Guide was able to get a little more info about it from Archie actor KJ Apa, during their interview with him. Right now, Archie's father's future is unclear after he got shot, but Archie's future seems very clear. He's going to straight up want some heavy revenge against the person that shot him! KJ thinks his character is going to do everything possible to get to the bottom of it. We're going to see an extremely different side of him. No doubt about it.

Pull away from Veronica

Next, they talked about some of the issues that this will bring for Archie and Veronica's relationship. Initially, we're going to see Archie start to pull away from Veronica. However, they tell us that she is not going to give up on him without putting up one hell of a fight.

It sounds like there will definitely be a lot of turbulence with that situation but Veronica is a strong girl so that won't phase her too much.

Big clash

Now, it's time to go over these Jughead spoiler teasers for the next season. The first thing they said is that we might see a big clash go down between Jughead and Archie at some point.

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Jughead actor Cole Sprouse talked about it with the TV Guide crew. He said his character is going to be placed in the center of two worlds, the North Side and the South Side. They're going to be discussing social circumstances that force someone to do bad things. He emphasized that that will be the dilemma that Jughead will face in season 2.

Bonus scoop about Betty

We've got a bonus scoop about Betty because we just can't forget about Betty. She's definitely a main character in this very dramatic saga. Unfortunately, this isn't really a solo scoop for her. She will be sharing it with Veronica. Veronica actor Camila Mendes told them that Betty and Veronica's friendship is going to be even stronger heading into the new season. She said that Betty and Veronica are forever and that nothing is ever going to split them up, especially not a boy. Hopefully we'll get some other details about Betty in the not-too-distant future. For now, that's all we've got on her.

After the midseason

They also mentioned that season 2 is scheduled to start up after the midseason so it sounds like we're just going to get another 13 episodes and not a full season. However, it is still early. We could still see the CW decide to give it some extra episodes. Stay tuned.