"The Big Bang Theory" season 10 finale left everyone in tears when Sheldon drops his knees and proposed for a lifetime love with Amy. Apparently, it is one of the series ultimate episodes when Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro featured the most awaited marriage proposal of the couple. The executive producer loves the idea of putting season 10 an end that is somehow intriguing.

Will Amy say yes?

Apparently, "The Big Bang Theory" season 10 ending has left fans some few questions. Will Amy say yes? To recall, Amy just accepted a certain research fellowship somewhere in Princetown University where she and Sheldon resides.

Right then, the socially awkward genius Sheldon decided to fly to New Jersey and offered an engagement ring to Amy.

Sheldon already had the thoughts of marrying his girlfriend and just lately his returning admirer, Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, forced him to do it. Sheldon immediately left his office, heads off to the airport and flew across the country where Amy resides.

As of now, Jimmy Parson, who used to play Sheldon's character, is also waiting for Amy's answer. Perhaps, viewers need to wait a little longer as Amy pops out her answer in season 11. Moreover, Molaro, the top-rated head writer, also reveals that he is fully excited on how Amy will respond to Sheldon's question when "The Big Bang Theory" returns this fall.

Series got renewed for two seasons

Mayim Bialik, who used to play Amy's character, warns her fans to grab a tissue as the season 10 ends emotionally. She added that the final episode will leave fans sentimental, however, the writers have already taken the risk and made it final.

Despite the end of season 10, Bialik is also happy to announce that this popular comedy series has been renewed for two more seasons.

For her, the show's renewal made her feel secure of her job. She is amazed to continue what she has been doing for the next two years to come.

Bialik also added that her character as Amy is the longest role she has ever played. When asked about the future of "The Big Bang Theory," the actress revealed that she doesn't have any idea on what to happen next but most probably, they will start rehearsing for the first episode of the next season.

Basically, a lot has happened in season 10, but what makes viewers more excited is the presumption that Amy will really say yes. It will be an interesting season and everyone is excited for what the future holds for Amy and Sheldon this coming fall.