There is a lot of buzz going on in the entertainment world regarding Mark Harmon’s health. Harmon’s weak appearance started the cancellation news of the another season of “NCIS.” It was also followed by a report that he is slated to die next in the next story of "NCIS" Season 14.

Being the lead star of the “NCIS” TV show, several lots of fans are worried about the health of Mark Harmon and his rumored departure. Some people expressed to boycott the show if the protagonist Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Harmon) will leave. Some also showed their support and want the show to take a break until Harmon recovers.

Fans are just not used to his thin built right now, which is normal to men getting older cause since day one he was pretty buff and looks healthy.

'NCIS' cancellation rumors

Cancellation rumors are also spreading like haywire. Ratings are dropping following the absence of the other two major characters of the show Tony and Ziva. But it seems that the show is not bothered and still continues to push through adding Wilmer Valderrama to the run. As per Wilmer, he was very thrilled and excited to join the show and there was never a feeling of incompatibility between him and Harmon but instead, they clicked immediately with each other.

Mark actually started as an athlete before getting into the limelight.

Harmon also clarified in a famous magazine “Men’s Fitness” that as much as he takes care of himself and stays active there are just some things that he cannot do anymore unlike when he was 24.

Harmon’s health condition

Although Harmon has been very open about his physical health, he has never confirmed as to whether or not he is really becoming very ill.

He also admitted that he cannot know what the future lies for “NCIS.” However, he is just enjoying the time he has on the hit TV series. Harmon also stated that he is not aware how long the TV show would air, but as long as he can still star in it, he will still be working on it.

Right now there is still no confirmation if Mark Harmon is leaving the show, but one thing’s for sure is to not take the news literally, the best thing to do right now is to hope for the best not just for Harmon but to the entire cast and crew as well as to the show.

As of this writing, Mark Harmon is yet to confirm if there will be another season of the longest running TV series, “NCIS.” Harmon is yet to respond to the health reports, thus, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.