In recent months, “Riverdale” has gained tremendous popularity, becoming a huge hit of The CW. Based on the famous Archie Comics character of the same name, “Riverdale” is highly influenced by “Pretty Little Liars,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Twin Peaks.”

The first season was a mystery: Who murdered Jason Blossom? And there’s no information about whether the new season will depict another Murder Mystery or not. Jason’s dead body was found in the river by his twin sister, Cheryl. Later on, it was revealed that a fellow shot Blossom on the forehead.

During the investigations, police officers hint at Clifford’s involvement in the murder.

Clifford is Jason Blossom’s dad who wants to take control of his property.

All this came to an end in the first season, so we assume that another murder case will be investigated in new episodes of “Riverdale.”

‘Riverdale’ – the TV show

The 13-episode first season of “Riverdale” concluded with ‘Chapter Thirteen: ‘The Sweet Hereafter’ on May 10, 2017, on The CW, and now it’s time to look forward to the new season. This American teen drama is developed by Greg Berlanti, featuring KJ Apa as Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Cooper, Camila Mendes as Lodge, Cole Sprouse as Jones, Ashleigh Murray as McCoy, and Madelaine Petsch as Blossom. Hermione Lodge, Alice Cooper, and Fred Andrews are new to the cast.

Episodes of the second season

According to the producer, the most notable episodes of the second season are “The River's Edge," “A Touch of Evil," “Body Double," “Heart of Darkness," “The Outsiders," “La Grande Illusion," “The Lost Weekend," and “The Sweet Hereafter."

Warner Bros. began development in January 2017 after a pitch from Jason Moore and Roberto Aguirre.

Roy Lee and Dan Lin are recruited as producers of the show. “Riverdale” was originally developed for Fox, but the network refused to accept the series due to a script deal penalty. Later on, the rights were sold to The CW, and principal photography began on April 2, 2017.

Production on the remaining ten episodes will continue till September 4, 2017, in Vancouver.

The first 10-second clip was released online by The CW, depicting all the main characters.

Along with the promotions on regular comics since May 2, Archie Comics has plans to release two comic book adaptations of “Riverdale,” featuring Roberto Aguirre himself in the leading character. Moreover, the company will release several graphic novels under the brand name, Road to Riverdale.