The 100Season 4 made it very clear from the beginning that Jasper had no intention of surviving the radiation. He has a death wish, deciding that he can’t live without Maya. It has been believable character development, but there’s no denying that it’s sad how much his character has changed over the years. However, is there hope for his future on the show?

Just six days left on Earth

“The 100” certainly isn’t messing around with fluffy material this season. Between episode 1 and now the group learned about the radiation, found out they had six months, and then found out that actually it was only two months.

They’ve had to quickly find ways to piece the puzzle together to turn people into nightbloods, as they are the only people who can live through the radiation.

It’s not been easy and there are some questionable actions throughout. Those in charge are doing everything they can to save the human race, but it means killing some people. When Clarke realized that she may be acting morally wrong, she opted to take the nightblood injection and make herself the test subject. The problem is Abby smashed the chamber, making it impossible for her to test herself.

There are now only six days left, and all they can do is get everyone inside and hope they have enough food and water to survive the years they need to remain cooped up.

Jasper wants to go out in style on ‘The 100’

Not everyone agrees to be locked up. Harper and Jasper are two who have decided that they want to enjoy the last few days on Earth. They want to be free and make their own choices, even though they know that they will die when the radiation reaches them. Monty makes a point that it is a death sentence, but Jasper makes it very clear that being in the hatch isn’t going to be living.

Sure enough, for a few years they will all just survive. They will be stuck dealing with people that they don’t necessarily like in close quarters. It isn’t going to be fun and it will be harsher than living on the Ark. There are many people who want the chance of survival, but many others who want to have the freedom to die on their own terms.

There is an interesting “right to die/right to life” take to this storyline.

It has definitely been a long wait for “The 100 season 4, Episode 9. The last new episode was at the end of March, when Clarke took the nightblood potential cure. With just five episodes left in the season, the CW made a choice to hold off for a month to time it right with the Neilsen TV ratings. New episodes of “The 100” will return next week with “DNA.”