The Episode 13 of "The 100" Season 4, named “Praimfaya,” is set to show Clarke and her allies as they plan for the coming of Praimfaya, indicating the end of the world. They will be taken to make difficult choice to ensure the survival of the human race. In the meantime, actress Lindsey Morgan announced that the closing episode will be stressful for viewers of the series. The short synopsis of this new episode published online by Cartermatt states: “It’s a race toward the end of the world as Praimfaya comes forcing our heroes to make difficult decisions to secure their survival.”

Trailer and spoilers of the closing episode

The teaser of the season finale announces the coming of the apocalypse.

According to the news for "The 100" episode 13, the Praimfaya is here and the protagonists must do all to protect their loved ones and themselves. In an effort to survive, Octavia Blake (M. Avgeropoulos), Clarke Griffin (E. Taylor), Bellamy Blake (B. Morley), Monty Green (C. Larkin), Jasper Jordan (D. Bostick), Raven Reyes (L. Morgan), Finn Collins (T. McDonell), Wells Jaha (E. Goree) and John Murphy (R.Harmon) race against the time to stop destruction and protect themselves from the radioactivity. The promo of this closing chapter shows Bellamy telling about going into space. He states that they are going to be examined during the subsequent five years. Octavia says that they are all that is forgotten of the human race.

Indra returns and says Octavia that it is time. Some characters are in emergency suits and others are not. Raven locks her eyes and another protagonist begins crying. At the end, Octavia and Bellamy are using radios to talk. They convince one another that they will face again.

Episode 13 news and interviews

In a conversation with TV Guide, Lindsey Morgan, the actress who performs as Raven Reyes, announced a few details about what to expect for closing episode of "The 100" season 4.

"You are going to get very moist. It is a lot of pressure," stated Morgan. "You're going to see a trailer of next season of what we are attempting to convey. You will see what we are already preparing up with and it is something so amazing." She moreover said that the chapter will be full of drama, action and heart-wrenching minutes that the show has been ready to pull off for the preceding few episodes of season 4. Episode 13 of "The 100" season 4 will air on The CW on Wednesday, May 24 at 9.00 pm EST.