Fans of Matt Brown of "Alaskan Bush People" have been worried about him all day. Rumors are flying that he was injured in an accident and it sounds like it could have been pretty bad for the reality star. This information is being talked about in various Facebook Groups for fans of Alaskan Bush People, but so far no news sources have shared the information.

What allegedly happened to Matt?

A credible source is revealing that Matt Brown was injured while they were filming their reality show. This would mean a lot of people were around to help at least.

This injury allegedly happened while they were doing something with a stick of dynamite. Allegedly, Matt had a 1/3 of a stick of dynamite go off early and this is what caused injury to him. Nobody seems to know how bad it was, but the fans are worrying and hoping for a confirmation about what happened soon. Matt's fans are pretty die hard and are even talking about praying for him and wondering what they can do to help out the Brown family.

Reports are that Matt Brown was taken to a nearby hospital after this happened and is now in ICU from his injuries. The fans are worried about him, but nobody has any confirmation about what exactly happened to Matt. Blasting News reached out to Discovery for an answer, but hasn't heard back from them at this time.

The speculation is going crazy as people in Alaska talk in the groups about what they have heard. Some even mentioned knowing that someone was injured last night, but details are still just barely coming out. Everyone is hoping that it isn't as bad as it sounds actually. If Matt is in ICU, that means that he is dealing with some pretty bad injuries from whatever went down.

Could they have been filming "Alaskan Bush People"?

There has been a lot of talk about season 7 of the show happening. That would make total sense that they would be filming right now and Matt Brown is known to do some crazy things so the idea that he would be playing with dynamite is not shocking at all. If they caught this all on film for an upcoming season of "Alaskan Bush People," then that is going to be crazy to watch.

Fans are really worried about Matt, but just aren't getting answers at this time.

Have you heard the rumors about Matt Brown of "Alaskan Bush People?" Are you excited for a new season of the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss "Alaskan Bush People" when it returns to Discovery with new episodes. It should be a great season no matter what happens.