Maci Bookout has been heavily criticized since the moment she announced she was expecting her third child. The "Teen Mom OG" star found out about Maverick when she was already several months pregnant. Fans who watch the show jumped on her for drinking while pregnant, though she denied she knew she was expecting when she was partaking. Maci and Taylor McKinney announced the pregnancy right around Valentine's Day in 2016, and Maverick was born in May 2016.

Maci Bookout's drinking scandal

For the remainder of her pregnancy, Maci Bookout was criticized and accused of knowing she was pregnant while drinking beer.

She maintains that she had no idea that she was expecting another baby, especially because she had just given birth to her second child only a few months prior to getting pregnant again. "Teen Mom OG" footage showed Bookout and Taylor McKinney enjoying their beverages around the time she would have been pregnant. Because they announced at almost half-way through their pregnancy, the skepticism was incredibly high. Fans have been stalking photos of Maverick since his birth, insinuating he could be suffering from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, though Bookout has denied that.

According to a report from Radar Online, Maci Bookout has discussed some of Maverick's health issues in her upcoming book. She talks about how he suffers from silent reflux and sleep issues.

While the details are scarce, she has acknowledged that he was a difficult baby. There has been no mention of Bookout drinking while pregnant, but several social media posts and Facebook groups have discussed the possibility of her alcohol consumption causing issues for her son. Maverick is rarely shown on television or in photographs which has lead to speculation Maci and Taylor McKinney are hiding something.

Maci under fire

When the article was released earlier, people immediately began attacking Maci Bookout for being the cause of Maverick's issues. She mentioned the intense reaction she received when her husband, Taylor McKinney, posted a photo of her with a baby and a beer in her hand in her upcoming book. She felt like the public overreacted, but many believe they were right to call her out for poor judgment.

Bookout has denied that Maverick had any complications from the pregnancy and is only now sharing the health issues he has suffered from.

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