Fans in the “Teen Mom OG” universe have begun to express growing concern for Ryan Edwards. Just what it is that has fans of the reality TV star so concerned? Well, they think Edwards might be struggling with a drug use problem.

As those who follow the MTV series know, Season 7 of “Teen Mom OG” premiered just a few weeks ago and it didn’t take long for fans to become immersed in all of the drama surrounding Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood, and Maci Bookout. There, however, was another star of the series that fans couldn’t help but focus on – Maci’s ex-fiancé.

He looks a little worn out

As those who follow the series know, Ryan Edwards shares his seven-year-old son Bentley with Maci Bookout. Fans, however, quickly noticed the 28-year-old baby daddy looked a little “worse for wear” as scenes featuring him begun to air on MTV. Fans noticed everything from the fact that Ryan appears to have put on a fair amount of weight since he started dating Mackenzie Standifer – who he is currently engaged to. And, he even has some gray hairs starting to pop up!

During the last episode, Maci received mysterious and troubling news about Ryan via text message from a friend. The text message claimed that Edwards was not doing so well. Maci revealed to the cameras that she got some troubling details about Bentley’s father which suggested he was doing things that “aren’t very good at all.” Bookout proceeded to note that she did not want to go into specifics just that it was “really scary stuff.”

Naturally, the producers of “Teen Mom OG” attempted to press Maci in the hopes of getting more details.

Unfortunately for fans of the MTV series, Bookout made it clear she wasn’t going to be pressured into giving any more information than she already had.

Maci’s priority is her son

The “Teen Mom OG” mother noted that her priority would always be Bentley, but Ryan was his father so she had to be concerned about him to some degree as well.

Bookout noted that she hopes to help get Edwards healthy and back on track to be the best father he can be for their son.

This isn’t the first time

As those who have watched previous seasons of the show recall, this isn’t the first time fans have accused Ryan of doing drugs. During an episode of last season, fans pointed out the fact that Edwards appeared to be high.

Producers did give Ryan a chance to clear his name and he denied he was under the influence of anything.

Edwards also had a falling out with his parents Jen and Larry recently. For the most part, Ryan and his parents get along. So, it was a little unusual for “Teen Mom OG” fans to see this more dramatic side of the family. The problem was Larry and Ryan got into a fight and Jen was forced to be in between her husband and her son. Fortunately, it appears as if they’ve made up and were able to work out their differences. Fans, however, cannot help but wonder if the falling out with his parents could have driven him to drug use.

It does not appear as if Maci Bookout holds any anger towards her ex regarding the alleged drug use. In fact, she appears to express concern and hopes he can get the help he needs to continue to be a good father. Do you think Ryan could be using drugs?