Josh Duggar's speculated come back in the season 4 of "Counting On" might not happen after all because he is heading to court next month. The disgraced member of the Duggar family is being sued by DJ Matt Mccarthy for illegally using his photos on Ashley Madison, OK Cupid and Twitter accounts. The controversies and cases are just pouring out for the star of the canceled reality tv series.

Personal and professional damages

The issue about the Ashley Madison account of Josh Duggars hit the news two years ago. However, he is about to face another consequence of the fraud he committed.

In August 2016, DJ Matt McCarthy filed a case against Josh Duggar because of his illegal use of Matt's photos. According to McCarthy, the use of his photo stained his reputation, personally and professionally. Matt also claims his right to damages. The only out of tune issue about his claim is that, is on his point that the act destroyed his image and reputation given he is not that well-known.

Another absurd thing that McCarthy's camp wants to do is to get all the names of the women who Josh had made a connection with while using Matt's photo. His lawyer defended that acquiring this would better show the extent of the crime committed. This is most unlikely, these women will not voluntarily raise their hands if ever they had any connection with Josh.

Most of the time, websites like Ashley Madison, are only made to generate money from their gullible users. Until now the first-born Duggar has not spoken out about this complaint.

The progress of the case

On June 22, Josh Duggar is due to face the court in Los Angeles, California. The camp of the reality show star will contest the case claiming that it should be dismissed based on the premise that it is improper to conduct the case proceedings in California.

However, according to McCarthy's lawyer, it is lawful to have the case proceedings where the complainant lives. The professional damages done to his client, according to the lawyer, was also done in the same place.

DJ Matt McCarthy first knew about the deception of Josh Duggar through his high school teacher, who also asked him if by any chance he was involved in a sexual relationship with Josh.

After that revelation, Matt said he was flooded with emails, calls, and harassments even from people he doesn't know. He also included in his sworn statement that he was been coined with ridiculous names like Duggar's Boy Toy and DJ Duggar. He demands that Josh pays him a minimum of $25,000 for the damages.