Millions of "Game of Thrones" fans watched the record-breaking Season 7 trailer in the last few days, but only a few noticed these callbacks and Easter Eggs. From Jon to Ned, from Sansa to Catelyn, from Jamie to her loving sister Queen Cersei, here you are three juicy callbacks and Easter eggs.

Cersei and Jamie over the map: the "Neck-Fingers" theory

We cannot be sure this one is a real easter egg. Actually, it looks like a risked theory, but it's fun. In the "Game of Thrones" season 7 trailer, we can see Cersei Lannister and his brother Jaime standing on a huge map of Westeros.

To be precise, Cersei is standing on the region known as "The Neck", while Jaime is standing on the Narrow Sea, near the region known as "The Fingers" (click on the camera icon above to enter the photo gallery).

In the "A Song of Ice and Fire book series", Maggy the Frog foretells Cersei's death with these words: "the valonqar [high Valyrian for 'little brother'] shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat".

Hands, "The Fingers". Throat, "The Neck". Did you get it?

Now, we would like to clarify that there is no certainty that Jaime is going to be the "valonqar" from the prophecy. The web is full of theories about the "little brother", but the truth is, nobody knows who the valonqar really is, so take this theory with a pinch of salt.

Jon slamming Littlefinger up against a wall in Ned Stark's style

Although it's kinda natural to lose control in front of Littlefinger, the scene in which Jon Snow slams Petyr Baelish against a wall in the Winterfell's crypt looks a lot like the scene in which, back in season 1, Ned Stark slammed Petyr against a wall in King's Landing.

In the second picture of the photo gallery, you can see Jon fighting Littlefinger (upper half), and Ned throat slamming Baelish (lower half). Speaking of Jon, we have a very solid theory on why he gets angry with Littlefinger, but be careful, the article contains possible spoilers.

Sansa looks exactly like her mother

Several fans pointed out that Sansa in a shot from the season 7 trailer is framed just like Catelyn Stark from a previous episode (as you can see from the tweet below).

Sansa changed a lot from the beginning of the show. She is not a naif girl full of dreams anymore: after years of suffering, she became a strong, though and resolute woman. She became more similar to Catelyn, the mother she lost during the infamous Red Wedding.

Don't forget: "GOT" season 7 will premiere on July 16.