Its been a long time coming, but it’s finally happening. Mary is having doubts about the British Men of Letters in “Supernatural” season 12. These doubts are founded, too. Fans know that with the death of one of the more caring members of the faction, all American hunters are now in danger. It looks like Mary will be the first, as Mr. Ketch seems out to avenge a broken heart.

Mary finds herself in trouble in ‘Supernatural’

The promo isn’t looking good for Mary Winchester. After starting to have doubts about the British Men of Letters, she decides to get away from Mr.

Ketch. Only he isn’t about to let her leave. Tying her up, there’s a glimpse of some type of injection that he is about to give her. Is it possible that just a year after the Winchesters get their mother back, she’s going to be killed off?

Supernatural” fans will not be happy if that is the case. They wanted to see Mary grow to love 2017 and find a life with her boys again. There hasn’t been enough of her character on the screen.

It is possible that Mr. Ketch will decide against killing her. He and Mary formed a bond—well, he thought they had. He has clearly developed feelings for her and may offer her a chance at life out of the goodness of his heart. We just don’t know enough about his character to be able to guess.

The Winchesters save a witch

Who would have thought that the Winchesters would work on the side of witches? Apart from Rowena, it’s been unheard of, since Dean Winchester especially hates witches. Well, this episode will see the Winchesters working with twins Aisha and Max Banes. They were first seen earlier in the season when Asa Fox was killed.

They’re children of a hunter and a witch, making them cunning and powerful.

Their mother has gone missing and the twins want Mary’s help. It’s the Winchester brothers who go to their aid instead. The last time their mother, Tasha, was seen was going off to hunt a more powerful witch. Is it possible that Rowena will make an appearance in the episode to help take down whoever this powerful witch is?

Maybe she is the witch.

There isn’t much about Lucifer and his baby. This is a storyline that will be featured heavily in the season finale, so it is possible that “Supernatural” is wrapping the British Men of Letters storyline first.

“Supernatural” season 12, episode 20 will air on Thursday, May 4 at 8 p.m. on the CW. Tune in to see how Mary fights against Mr. Ketch, and whether or not her boys can save her in time.