Suitsseason 5 saw a troubled ending for the faux Harvard grad. Mike Ross pled guilty to fraud and found himself sentenced to two years behind bars. Fans expected him to get a pass yet again, but Aaron Korsh made it clear during the break that that wasn't going to happen. However, it looks like he won't be in prison for the full two seasons.

Will Harvey Specter get Mike out of prison inSuitsseason 6?

There are various theories floating around forSuits season 6. One of those is that Harvey will find a way to save his protegee. The two have often worked together to get each other out of the deep end, and Harvey could certainly step up this time.

He already feels guilty for getting the firm and Mike into this mess. Right from the start he knew that Mike wasn't a Harvard graduate or even a law student. He was just a boy with a photographic memory and love of law.

Harvey will pay Mike a visit in prison this season. The trailer for episode 2 shows Mike on the phone to someone--presumably Harvey--to say that he isn't going to survive his time in there. The shot later cuts to Mike being held back in the cafeteria by two inmates, while another walks towards him with a knife. Will Mike end up in the infirmary and Harvey find a way to get him out through that way? Maybe Mike will make friends with a doctor, the same way Michael Scofield did inPrison Break.

WillSuitssee a time jump?

Rather than Harvey coming to the rescue, it is possible thatSuitsseason 6 will see a time jump at some point, similarly to the way Pretty Little Liarsmoved its storyline forward in season 6. This could take place during the mid-season break, which is likely to be around episode 10.

Korsh did confirm during the break that there wouldn't be a time jump into season 6.

Suits was going to pick up where season 5 left off, with Mike going to prison. It wouldn't seem real to have a time jump, and the team played a big gamble by sentencing Mike in the end. There was an alternative ending to season 5 where Mike didn't plead guilty and got to marry Rachel.

That doesn't mean there won't be a time jump later on in the season.

Korsh has now said that while Mike has been sentenced to two years in prison, he won't be there for two seasons. It hints that there will be a time jump, although that would miss out a lot of potential drama behind bars, which Mike is currently facing.

Suits season 6 continues on Wednesdays at 9pm on USA, and Korsh hopes that fans stick with them as they tell this new storyline.