Mimi Faust wasn't joking when she told Stevie J to keep Joseline Hernandez away from her daughter Eva. Now that Joseline and Stevie have their own daughter together, the previously separated "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" couple have reportedly reconciled and that isn't sitting well with Stevie's baby mama Mimi.Apparently, Stevie J must not have been keeping Eva away because just this week, Mimi headed to the Fulton County courthouse to file a temporary restraining order to keep Joseline away from Eva.

When reality TV meets real life

Mimi Faust has several great reasons to not want Joseline Hernandez around her daughter.

The biggest was due to a stunt that Joseline pulled last summer while she was pregnant with her own child, Bonnie Bella. In a shocking move during their split, Joseline claimed that Stevie J was molesting his daughter, a move that Mimi says landed Child Protective Services at her door.

There have also been several violent incidents between Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust. The most notable of those was during the Season 3 "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" reunion show. During the taping, Joseline ended up going into a rage and fighting with Althea Heart and Tammy Rivera on stage. As she was exiting the stage, Joseline happened to pass Mimi Faust in the hallway and decided to take one last swipe, attacking her "LHHATL" co-star before being removed from the premises.

Drugs, lies, and violence fuel Mimi's restraining order request

Mimi Faust has done all she could to repair her relationship with Stevie J and co-parent their daughter together. She refuses to let Joseline Hernandez play stepmom to her daughter because of the violence and the lies that took place both on and off of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta."

In addition to her complaints about Joseline Hernandez accusing Stevie J of molesting her daughter and Joseline's violent attacks during "LHHATL" filming, Mimi says plenty goes on that she can't even talk about on the show.

It looks like part of that might be Joseline's drug use, which was also cited as a reason that Mimi doesn't want Eva anywhere near Joseline.

Mimi claimed in the restraining order filing that Joseline Hernandez not only has visitors coming and going from her home at all hours of the day and night, but also that she's used illegal drugs in front of Mimi in her home.

It's worth noting that even Stevie has mentioned Joseline's drug use and asked in court papers that she be drug tested when she gave birth.

Months ago, when Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez started working on their relationship again, Mimi Faust made it clear that she did not want that woman around her child. She even threatened back then that if Stevie wouldn't keep Joseline away, she would file a restraining order. It looks like Stevie must not have thought Mimi was serious because now she has done just that.