"The OA" is a #Netflix original series, which was released on December 16, 2016. Co-created by the team of Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, "The Oa" deals with the sudden reappearance of main character Prairie Johnson after an absence of seven years. The show centers on the mystery of her disappearance and the consequences of her freedom years later as an adult.

Prairie's story

The show delves into some dark and disturbing issues while coupling the plot with the usual teenage angst and romantic despair. This is facilitated through the flashback sequences as Prairie reveals the story of her disappearance.

However, to tell her story from beginning to end she has to go back to her childhood. As a result, there are three lives woven in her stories -- her life as a child, her life as a prisoner, and now, her life as a free woman.

The intersection of these past and present moments makes the audience ask questions. How does one survive the horror Prairie is subjected to? How does a blind woman regain her sight? How does Prairie Johnson escape? The answers are revealed systematically as the episodes continue. The audience is kept on tender hooks as they learn how Prairie was not the only victim, and that she has plans regarding the others.


The suspenseful air is kept alive through performances by a brilliant cast of actors.

The likes of Brit Marling and Emory Cohen tease the audience with their on-screen chemistry despite the fact that their characters never physically touch. Evil scientist, Jason Isaac draws parallels between the real dangers of modern-day scientific experimentation, while Patrick Gibson and Ian Alexander bring a young innocence to the screen.

This collection of actors creates a troupe of underdogs as Prairie, otherwise known as "The Oa," bands them together to help her with a secretive mission. This mission becomes the real crux of the series, and as the eight episodes unfold, there are more twists and turns than one could possibly imagine.

It is possible that "The OA" was lost among its mixed reviews, or perhaps it drowned under the craving for Christmas movies.

It has become a largely unheard of series under the growing hype surrounding shows such as “13 Reasons Why” and the returning “Game of Thrones." One can only hope that the renewal for a second season will help "The OA" climb into the limelight it thoroughly deserves. With no set date for the release of season two, now is the perfect time to catch up.