Lately, Steve Harvey has been in the news several times. For instance, there was much talk about a memo he wrote to his staff about giving him private time. Then, it was about him moving his daytime talk show from Chicago to Los Angeles and not taking any of his staff with him. He reportedly didn't attend his own farewell party arranged by his Chicago staff.

The most recent news is that his ex-wife is suing him for $60 million even though they went through a bitter divorce in 2005. It was reported that Mary Vaughan filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, May 17 against Harvey.

Claims against Harvey

Mary Vaughn was Harvey's second wife.

She claims the comedian, television and radio host abused her during their nine-year-marriage. Therefore, she is requesting $60 million from the well-known television personality.

The ex-wife alleges that she was a victim of abuse during their entire marriage from 1996 until 2005. According to court documents, Vaughn indicated that she suffered so much torture and severe mental pain to the point that she attempted suicide to stop the pain.

There is a long list of other claims included in the legal document. There was a claim that people don't usually hear about. The ex-wife claimed "soul murdering." Vaughn also alleged infractions against their only child, Wynton Harvey, who was born in 1997. He is now a 20-year-old college student.

It is interesting that an attorney did not file the suit.

Instead, it was filed by Essie Berry, a civil rights activist and Vaughn's power of attorney.

Previous claims

In 2013, Vaughn served 30 days in jail for violating a gag order. She was warned not to speak about the contentious divorce from her ex-husband.

She made a video and posted it on YouTube accusing Harvey of all sorts of things. Now, she made the same claims again.

People are wondering why she is filing again after 12 years after their divorce.

The 60-year-old television personality was married to Marcia Harvey for 14 years before he married Vaughn. They had three children together, twin girls Brandi and Karli and son Broderick who is named after Steve, whose first name is Broderick.

Two years after his divorce from Vaughn, the television host married his current wife, Marjorie, in 2007.

They appear to be happy together with their blended family.

Harvey is very successful with his radio show, his daytime talk show, hosting "Family Feud" and "The Little Big Shots." It seems like he has moved on from his first two divorces.

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