Steve Harvey has finished taping his daytime talk show in Chicago and is moving to Los Angeles where he will be able to revamp it with a new name and a new format. He will be where he will be able to get more A-list celebrities. He will also be one of the producers of his new show that he has renamed "Steve," and he will have more control over it. The new show will launch in September.

Wrap-up party

Since Harvey has been with his staff in Chicago for five seasons, it stands to reason that there would be a going away party for the staff to say good-bye to one another and for them to say good-bye to him.

However, there was one problem. Steve did not show up to his own wrap-up party that his staff put together. Page 6 reported on Friday that the 60-year-old host and comedian didn't show us because he did not want to talk to anyone after the news about his memo made headlines.

That was very unfortunate if it is true that Harvey really did leave without saying good-bye and thanking members of his staff for the hard work they had done over five seasons. Even if he had been too busy to stay long, it is believed that he could have at least stopped by for a few minutes.

Leakage of memo

It was reported that Harvey was upset over the leakage of a memo to the public that he distributed to his staff earlier with rules that he wanted carried out in reference to his privacy.

For example, he didn't want people just showing up in his dressing room at any time. The memo had a long list of other rules to be that Harvey wanted his staff to follow. The memo was posted online by media blogger Robert Feder.

Since then, it has caused a lot of discussion on social media and on talk shows. Harvey thinks it resurfaced because the staff was laid off instead of being invited to relocate with him to Los Angeles.

Most people criticized the host for the way the rules were related to his staff. It was said that the host could have been a bit more tasteful in letting his team know what he desired.

On Thursday, Harvey told Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight in a telephone conversation that he was not going to apologize for having written the memo because that was exactly how he felt about the issues he addressed.

Staff laid off

Before the scandal about the memo was made know, RadarOnline had already reported that Harvey was laying off the Chicago staff and get an entirely new staff in Los Angeles. Some of the employees wanted to go with him and were willing to pay their own money to relocate, but that wasn't what Harvey wanted. It was reported that it was the executive producer and not Harvey who told the staffers they were all out of a job. In fact, Harvey didn't even thank them for working closely with him for five seasons.

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