Mary Vaughn, the ex-wife of the celebrity Talk Show Host Steve Harvey, is suing him for $60 million dollars. This is after she suffered from mental pain over their divorce battle. As per a report from E! News, a court document has revealed that Vaughn's life has never been the same anymore after they got a divorce in 2005. Harvey's ex-wife admitted that she has gone suicidal and has even resorted to self-medication to handle the aftermath of their divorce battle.

Harvey to face child endangerment and torture lawsuit from ex-wife

Vaughn is basically suing her ex-husband comedian and television host, for several things.

This includes child endangerment, torture, intentional emotional distress, breach of contract which leads her to soul murder. Moreover, Vaughn's lawsuit stated that soul murder had been achieved with the combination of torture and brainwashing. She also demanded a $50 million dollar from which Harvey owes from him.

Further, the suit was filed on Wednesday by her civil rights activist Essie Berry. Berry is acting through the power of attorney that Vaughn has issued her. On the other hand, Harvey also had his attorney, Brandon R. Williams, and he immediately responded to the lawsuit on Friday.

As per the official statement from Fox, Harvey has denied the allegations made by his ex-wife. Further, it also added that the lawsuit is frivolous and completely false.

Harvey's attorney also filed a counterclaim against Vaughn's complaint.

Harvey gained custody over son

Vaughn and Harvey shared one child together, Wynton Harvey, who is now 19 years old. One of the reports revealed that the celebrity talk show host divorced his ex-wife in 2005 and he gained the custody over their son.

On the other hand, Vaughn also accused Harvey of not letting her see their son.

Moreover, some other allegations made by Vaughn states that the talk show host has cheated on her with his current wife, Marjorie Harvey.

With the counterclaims that Harvey has filed, some news further revealed that Vaughn had been arrested in 2013 for violating the contempt of court with the conditions set forth from the divorce. She was placed behind bars for 30 days immediately after the violation.

Needless to say that Vaughn's allegations have nothing to prove on the court.

Meanwhile, with all these lawsuit reports, representatives from Harvey and Vaughn are yet to make comments about the issue.

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