Daytime Talk Show Host Steve Harvey is sitting in the hot seat. He is Coming Under Fire because of a memo he sent to his staff which has now been leaked to the public. Harvey is moving his show to Los Angeles and making changes along the way. He has decided to no longer be accessible to his staff. They can not approach him without notice unless previously approved. Employees must wait until Steve decides he has a need for them.

The celebrity dilemma

When you read the entire memo, Harvey seems to be implying that his staff is taking liberties and overstepping their bounds.

If they are indeed reaching out to hi, and encroaching upon his time, then boundaries should be set. On the other hand, if Steve Harvey is placing distance between himself and his staff without provocation, this is a different matter.

Stories of celebrities who have crazed fans that stalk them are plentiful but there are just as many tales of temperamental stars with a diva complex. These are the rich and famous who distance themselves, from "the little people." They want the public to purchase their "brand" and nothing more. They forget that these regular men and women are the reason their fame has started to rise.

The Steve Harvey effect

Does Steve Harvey have a valid reason to deny access to the people who work for him?

Are there staff members who are hanging on, and desire to be in his personal space because he is so well known? Could he have employees who hope Steve will help them get into the business? As he becomes more visible, boundaries are part of the landscape for his personal safety. Certainly, there are people who will take advantage of the rich and famous, people who hope to get a hand out, people who hope to obtain assistance with their own career or people who just want to say they know a high-profile celebrity.

In 2017, there are very real threats to those who have money and power.

If Harvey simply has a big head and is basking in his own celebrity, it will come to light. Disgruntled staff will likely tell all, the same way one of them made sure the memo was leaked. And many will consider Steve Harvey as another self-absorbed celebrity.

If however if the daytime host is simply taking precautions because of the world we live in, his staff maybe should lighten up. They must realize Mr. Harvey is not their BFF, he is their employer. They should conduct themselves as employees, collect their paycheck, and not seek anything more. If this cannot be accomplished, they should find another source of income.