Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell relationship is one of the hottest topics that have been making headlines these days. Apparently, the "Twilight" actress and the Victoria Secret model have been reported planning for their intimate outdoor wedding in South Carolina. Ever since Stewart broke up with former beau, Robert Pattinson, the actress came out bisexual and has been in an on-and-off relationship. Nonetheless, it seems like she's now taking a serious relationship with Maxwell.

'Twilight' star to marry girlfriend in an outdoor wedding?

An insider told Celebeat that Stewart and Maxwell are now living together in Loz Feliz apartment in Los Angeles.

This leads to the speculation that the couple has been living together to get ready for their plans to tie the knot soon. Most of the fans already believe that the couple already has plans for their wedding ceremony.

Apparently, an insider revealed that the couple is now talking about an intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina. They had started planning about it and even made their vision boards together. On the other hand, the insider also added that despite their plans over outfits and wedding locations, they are still in no rush.

The two have been dating for the past five months, and this wedding rumor is already an indication that they are taking their relationship to the next level. Meanwhile, the couple still prefers to keep their relationship under wraps despite the multiple times that they have been spotted going out together in public.

Wedding speculations to be confirmed

For the past months, the "Twilight" actress has opened herself in discussing her sexuality. The 27-year old actress believes that what she has been into is something that would give impact to other people. With this, Stewart has also become open about discussing her relationship with Maxwell.

With all these wedding rumors that are coming out, the couple is yet to confirm about these speculations.

Nonetheless, whether or not Stewart and Maxwell will get married, it won't stop fans from assuming that this wedding news is for real.

In one of the recent reports, it also claimed that the wedding hearsay is nothing but pure speculations. It further revealed that the couple doesn't actually plan to tie the knot at all. Meanwhile, even though the wedding reports have not been confirmed yet, it is still good to know that the couple are still enjoying their time together.

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