Steve Harvey is moving his daytime talk show to Los Angeles from Chicago, but he is not taking any of his 100 staff members with him even though some of them want to be relocated. In fact, it was reported that some of them wanted to go with him so badly that they were willing to pay their own relocation expenses. However, Harvey has laid off his entire Chicago staff and is hiring a brand new staff in Los Angeles.

He reasons that he is revamping his show to start in September. That's why she wants a new staff to go along with the new name and the new format.

His new show will be called "Steve" to distinguish it from his other shows, including his radio show and his daytime Chicago-based show.

The story behind the memo

In the middle of his move, a memo resurfaced that Harvey wrote months ago at the beginning of his fifth season. During a telephone conversation with Kevin Frazier on Entertainment Tonight, the 60-year-old host explained that the Memo came from a disgruntled employee who is trying to make him look bad.

Harvey indicated that he once had an open door policy, but people had begun to take advantage of it. He added that he had to set new rules to have more free time for himself. Harvey says he is a busy man and people were always bombarding him when he was his dressing room or in the makeup chair.

They would barge into his office so much that he never had any alone time. He indicated that he couldn't walk down the hall without people stopping him and asking him questions or telling him something that could have waited until an appropriate time.

The comedian and talk show host did not deny writing the memo, and he said it was necessary and he was not going to apologize for giving it to all his staffers.

The memo

Even though the memo wasn't a recent correspondence, it was just leaked online during the transition when Chicago employees were laid off. The communication shows a long list and do's and don'ts for the staff.

For example, they were told not to approach him unless he instructed them to do so along with a number of other rules.

Some people agree that Harvey had every right to give his employees rules to follow, but they said he could have done it in a much nicer way. Some are wondering if he will give the same memo to his new Los Angeles staff.

There are a lot of comments and memes about Harvey's communication on social media. A person on Twitter asked him if he could send it to his family members, but he wants to change "dressing room" to "bathroom" so he won't be disturbed while he is there.