Ever since Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States, he's made decisions that have rubbed many the wrong way. After firing the first female White House chief usher, Stephen Colbert decided to give his thoughts.

Colbert on Trump

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president, the consensus was that his candidacy was a joke and that it wouldn't last long. As the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up steam, be quickly vaulted to the top of the Republican primary list, and eventually became the party's nominee with a surprising victory at the Republican National Convention.

In an even bigger shock, Trump went on to pull off the biggest political upset in recent American history with a win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November. Since then, Trump has faced increased backlash from critics, while dealing with various scandals and controversy that has weighed down his administration. From the growing Russian scandal, to in-fighting between advisers and staff, to his controversial policy proposals and executive orders, the billionaire real estate mogul has had a lot to answer for. Earlier this week, it was announced that Angella Reid, the first female to hold the job as Chief White House Usher, was fired by the administration, though no explanation was given.

This issue was tackled during the May 8 edition of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on CBS.

As part of his monologue on Monday night, host Stephen Colbert kicked of his show with some trolling of the president, which was first seen during a preview clip posted to Twitter.

"Donald Trump continues to follow through with his promise to 'drain the swamp' because it was announced on Friday that the White House had fired its chief usher," Colbert said sarcastically.

"The firing of the first female chief usher, an African-American named Angella Reid, is controversial because it's not a political position," Stephen Colbert pointed out, before noting, "Reid is just the 9th chief usher since 1885." "Ushers usually stay on after the president leaves which might be the problem," he continued, before noting that Reid was appointed by Barack Obama.

Colbert then continued to mock Trump, accusing him of possibly worrying that Reid is an "Obama spy," before taking a shot at the president's paranoia.

Moving forward

As Stephen Colbert and other high-profiled critics of the president continue to hit back at the White House over a wide-range of issues, Donald Trump doesn't appear willing to change his tune. Despite this, Trump might be forced to change the direction of his presidency as his approval rating his sitting at just 40 percent.