One of the world’s most flamboyant entertainers in history, Boy George has pushed the boundaries through every aspect of his life. Making waves in the 80’s he has now returned as we all fall in love with him through our television screens on the well-known signing show "The Voice". With his happy go lucky nature and great big smile, who would have thought that years later he would have a new generation of fans? Recently sitting down with Piers Morgan, he opened up about his past and the changes he has made to get to where he is today.

The Dark Side of Boy George

It was not all happy go lucky for this colorful chameleon, as he had a dark past full of drug addiction, abuse and dealing with his sexuality. Growing up in an abusive family where his father was violent was only the beginning of what was yet to come. At a young age, he knew he was different, loving to dress up and wear makeup. By the age of 15, he knew his gender preference and decided it was time to tell his parents that he preferred boys.

His sexuality was only a small hurdle compared to the troubles he faced years later including his heroin addiction that saw the downfall of this once celebrated character of the 80’s. In denial, he refused to believe he had an addiction and failed to reach out for help.

Rallied by family and friends, they could not let this lost boy fall in darkness.

Ashamed of what he had put his family through; years later he knew and accepted he had made mistakes that affected everyone around him. Thanks to the support he received, he found a way to turn his life around and make a change. Turning to Buddhism he now leads a life of humility and peace; killing those inner demons that once overtook his life and wellbeing.

New Generation of Boy George

This happy go lucky boy that generations before new and loved, has returned bringing his eccentric style and demeanor to our screens once more. Making waves on America’s "The Celebrity Apprentice", UK’s "The Voice" and now Australia’s "The Voice", what is there not to love about Boy George? His generosity and life experiences have all played a role in what we see on our television screens.

With a past that many can relate to facing alcoholism, drug addiction, and abuse, Boy George has made us understand that anyone can turn their life around if they put their mind to it. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you allow yourself to see it and have the support necessary. Boy George is a true chameleon.