Spoiler alerts for the week of May 15th indicate something big for "The Young and the Restless." Fans of the CBS daytime drama are in for a treat, as "Y&R" has cast "The Talk" co-host julie chen. On Wednesday, Chen will portray herself as she meets her biggest fan, Hillary Curtis.

Hillary's agenda

Hillary Curtis is the owner and co host of "G.C. Buzz," a talk show in the fictional Genoa City. She initially came to town to punish Neil Winters, who, decades ago, was a drinking buddy of her mother. Hillary blamed Neil, because her mom died from alcoholism.

Ms. Curtis schemed, scammed and manipulated until she ended up married and divorced from Neil and also his adopted son Devon Hamilton. Hillary Hamilton is young and definitely restless.

In an effort to make Devon believe she has moved on, Hillary began dating Jordan, a photographer for Brash and Sassy, Jordan is going on location in Hollywood to shoot photo's of Lilly Ashby, the official Brash and Sassy spokesmodel. They will be accompanying other cast members from "The Young and the Restless," who will be in Tinsel town on business. Victoria Newman, the company owner, along with her children, and ex-husband Billy who works for her, will be on hand.

Hillary envisions herself as more important than she realy is.

She continually is trying to prove that she is a powerful business woman, and a successful talk show host. Meeting Julie Chen will certainly be a highlight for her. Spoiler alerts indicate that Chen is Hillary's favorite talk show host. It's not been mentioned on the show, but viewers know Ms. Curtis will milk this one for all it's worth.

She will more than likely take selfies with Chen, and use the opportunity to boost ratings for her own talk show.

Hooray for Hollywood

This trip to California will be a memorable one for all the Genoa City residents who are headed there. As Hillary is trying to make her mark and photo bomb Julie Chen, Jordan will be snapping away, obtaining photo's of Lilly and trying to increase her profile as a model, and also doing his best not to let his feelings for her show.

Billy is attempting to score a big deal for the company, while Victoria's goal is to get her ex to fall in love with her again. Bringing their children along is certainly a plus. Everyone will have their own agenda. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" know that this trip to Hollywood will be one to remember for a very long time.