The last four seasons of “house of cards” were indeed pulsed rending and it is getting even more exciting as the premiere of Season 5 approaches. Following the success of the popular political drama series, fans are once again in great anticipation for the upcoming season.

A Bill Clinton story?

House of Cards” is an adaptation of the mini-series of BBC with the same title, which is based on the novel written by Michael Dobbs. There were comments among fans that the series is not actually fiction but a mirror of the former US president Bill Clinton’s life story.

They have been speculating that the character of Francis J. “Frank” Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, portrays Bill Clinton. Moreover, the role of Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, denotes Hillary Clinton.

However, just recently, Kevin Spacey put an end to these rumors. In his statement dismissing the allegations, Spacey pointed out that it was never their intention that people will see it that way and that it will be connected to the politics of reality. The show aims to be an alternative universe for some people who choose to be there. The much-acclaimed political series is adhering to its goal of making it interesting while providing its audience many things to ponder about. The randomness of the show is a major factor why viewers are glued to it.

US version

As an American version of the original UK mini-series, the show focuses on what is happening in the politics in the US, including the greed, corruption, alliances and betrayals. The story took a leap when Underwood was promised by Garret Walker to be the Secretary of State in exchange for his support. However, that did not happen, and Underwood along with his wife are working discreetly to expose the wrong doings of Walker.

There are quite a number of real-life media personalities who had cameo roles in the show.

While the show lost its creator, Beau Willimon, just after the 4th season, it promised its fans that it would still air its 5th season. Despite the issue with the showrunner, the political drama will continue with their two senior writers at the helm.

The cast was placed in a difficult situation when Willmon left since, in the last four seasons, they have grown to treat each other like family. This is one of the reasons why the team decided not to get anyone from the outside. In addition, since the senior writers already knew the nature of each character as well as the vision of Willimon for the show, they get an instant promotion.