January 2017 gave us a whole bunch of resolutions and things to look forward to. But we have to be honest, resolutions did pale in comparison to the excitement that was the air date for the third season of Adult Swim’s mind-blazingly magnificent animated series, Rick and Morty.

As the fandom achingly awaited the much-hyped arrival of the new season, the show had gathered quite a cult following, and its creators along with Adult Swim quenched the thirst of the fans with a constant supply of show related content, behind the scenes and shorts (a good part of which involved our favorite character, Mister Poopybutthole).

These guys took it up a notch by dropping something so dank, it ended up blowing the roof and leaving the fandom in awe.

Give us the details already we can't wait!

Adult Swim, on their YouTube channel, dropped a version of the Rick and Morty intro that is radical and incomprehensible beyond words. They got the famous pixel art and 8-bit animator Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon to reanimate the entire intro sequence in 8-bit, and it is beyond flawless. This radical retro animation finely combined with an 8-bit chiptune score arranged by Adult Swim’s very own Brent Busby, and voila! An aesthetic masterpiece of epic proportions and unparalleled awesomeness.

Show me what else you got

This 8-bit wonder has caused a lot of craze and amazement with the fandom.

The fandom largely speculates that Rick Sanchez, being the genius that he is, is very aware of the fact that he's in a television show, which is basically a simulation. After the release of the 8-bit intro, the fandom has gone ahead to further speculate if this could be a multidimensional escape of sorts, more or less like prison hopping till all realities are just Rick, Singularity as we call it.

Interestingly enough, fans have also gone on to develop quite an appetite for an 8-bit themed game for Rick and Morty, and we have got to admit, that would be so totally incredible. Considering Paul Robertson’s previous affiliation with Adult Swim on working on animation with games, a multi-platform 8-bit Rick and Morty game couldn’t be far from our reach.

(For those of you who aren’t aware of Paul Robertson’s earlier collaboration with Adult Swim, check out Super Dino Boys and AS1 Paul Robertson|Adult Swim ID)

As we bite our nails for the wonders that await us in the rest of the current season, here’s the Video of the much hyped 8-bit intro.

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