Have you seen all "Rick and Morty" episodes? Maybe, maybe not.

The mini-episode aired August 8th, 2016 in between the end of the show’s much appreciated and largely successful second season, and the much anticipated third season. Fans received the hype with much regard, which added additional brownie points to the already titanic hype and torturous wait for Season 3.

The video features Spencer Grammer (voices Summer), co-creator Justin Roiland (voices Rick and Morty), co-creator Dan Harmon, and writer Ryan Ridley, assembled by Vulture.

The Plot

The video begins with Harmon setting the plot with the words “Lower your expectations”.

Got to love these guys! The plot has Rick Sanchez, indulging in their shenanigans in Morty’s garage, as usual, at his workbench on some “confounded contraption” when Summer walks in. Summer is confused and wants Rick’s help with her college application process to MIT or Yale, while Rick, being himself, expresses total and utter disregard to the matter. He’s occupied with something that’s way more concerning, an experiment in which he wants to inject 120cc’s of feces into Morty’s knees (poor Morty) and to replace Morty’s legs with jetpacks. Classic Rick. Summer adds that she really needs help figuring out what she wants to do with her life. Morty being the sweetheart that he is urges Rick to help Summer out despite their fun little experiment taking up most of Rick’s attention.

Rick goes on to tell Morty that he has been begging him for weeks to figure out a way to decapitate his legs. The plot is graphically revealed as Morty lying on the floor in the fetal position, with his legs and knees swollen with septic shock.

Summer, being all concerned for her little brother, advises Rick to give Morty some antibiotics.

Morty, being a darling, replies saying he’s all good and that Rick has numbed him up. He instead asks Rick to listen to Summer and answer her “serious questions about educational things”. Summer proceeds to ask Rick if she should major in physics or interstellar blah, before Rick interrupts her with his classic reply, “I think you’re going to want to major in shutting the f-word up, Summer.”

The scene then cuts to Harvard, with the Dean of admissions (Ryan) sitting behind his desk and Summer meeting him.

Summer goes on to praise the institution and adds that her grandfather loves everything that the Dean has done with the facility. She also adds, ignoring Dean’s interruption, that he doesn’t have to worry about the damages to his physical body as long as she gets accepted. The Dean asks Summer how Rick feels about the idea of feces and its introduction to knees. Hysterically enough, Justin’s phone rings and the plot thickens.

Rick then makes a dramatic entrance into Harvard through a portal, eager to inform Summer that he has succeeded in injecting feces into Morty’s knees. Morty is in a backpack on Rick’s back and is excited to say that he can now be carried around in a backpack with all the dead weight below his knees, which is now hooked up to jetpacks so he can fly.

This little off the grid experiment proves to be successful. So impressively successful that the Harvard Dean of admissions (Ryan) is swept off of his feet and offers Summer a scholarship to study at his college.

Moving forward

The whole cast, utterly impressed with how their improvisation is shaping up, proceeds to take random turns as to how Summer’s life shapes up away from home. They pay montage to Summer studying at Harvard, proceeding to pursue higher education and succeeding, reading the J.D. Salinger classic "Catcher in the Rye," and shooting none other than John Lennon.

After her adventure into higher education, a 22-year-old Summer Smith returns home to be greeted by a bearded, much older Rick, and a new Morty who happens to be just a floating eyelash.

Rick explains how the old Morty had to be replaced with the new sidekick due to his passing. Suddenly, to everyone’s amazement, a cow-headed demon by the name of Nebutron arrives in the garage and threatens the lives of everyone. New Morty, being the eyelash that he is, proceeds to be heroic and bravely engages the mighty Nebutron. Thinking fast, Nebutron uses eyelash Morty to wish the whole garage into outer space. The gathering then mentions, “cut to- the beginning of the 'Rick and Morty movie'” and starts doing a funny acapella of the "Rick and Morty" theme.