Fans of “Chicago P.D.” there is some bad news. While season 5 has been confirmed, it will be one detective short—and a strong, independent female at that! Sophia Bush has confirmed that she will leave the show, meaning there will be no Detective Erin Lindsay. The good news is that it doesn’t look like this will be deadly permanent.

Erin Lindsay could take the FBI offer

At the end of “Chicago P.D.” Season 4, Detective Lindsay was given the offer to move to New York. She would be part of the FBI. However, she was seen mulling the decision over at the end. BY moving to New York, she would leave her friends behind, along with ex-boyfriend Jay Halstead, who she was considering rekindling her relationship with.

When fans left her, she was stood on a bridge ignoring Jay’s calls. Fans screamed at the TV to encourage her to pick up the phone and talk to him, not knowing that the actress was considering quitting the show.

While we now have confirmation that Bush is leaving, the actress and her reps haven’t shared anything else. It is possible that she wants more time to focus on her charitable causes, something that she has focused on since her “One Tree Hill” days.

Jon Seda could return to ‘Chicago P.D.’

The good news for Antonio Dawson fans is that this move could mean a place opens for him. With the cancellation of “Chicago Justice,” there is now no news on what will happen to his character. This is a man who has been with the “One Chicago” series since the conception and one of the small few who has been on all four shows—and a series regular on two.

However, there are talks about a new female detective taking Erin Lindsay’s place. This would make sense, as both “P.D.” and “Fire” are heavily focused on men. Young girls that watch the show need strong, independent women like Erin Lindsay to show that working in such a tough environment is possible.

“Chicago P.D.” season 5 will likely still be in the planning stages.

The fourth season only wrapped last week. There is plenty of time for the showrunners to figure out where to take the show from here. However, they are a showrunner short. Matt Olmstead, who has helmed the project since the beginning, stepped down in March.

Filming for the show is likely to start in June or July. The show isn’t likely to premiere its next season until September.

As “Chicago Med” has been moved to a midseason lineup, the premiere date could be pushed to October with “Chicago Fire.” All fans know is that “Chicago P.D.” season 5 will air on Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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