Sabrina High of "Return to Amish" just got out of jail, but she got home to some pretty bad news. It turns out that while she was in jail, her friend Billy passed away. He was actually watching her cats for her while behind bars, and she came home to the news of his passing. Sabrina is shocked by this news.

Who was Billy and what did she reveal?

Sabrina shared the news that one of the pictures she shared on Facebook recently looked a bit different. Some fans thought she might be using drugs again, but it turns out that she had been crying because of the loss of her friend. Sabrina went on to explain that she would have spots on her skin if she was using.

She also said the pic looked a bit different due to not having on her glasses.

Sabrina High admitted that when she got home her cats had got into everything and they hadn't been fed and didn't have water. Billy was the one who was supposed to be taking care of them during this time. She wondered what happened and then when she found out that her friend had passed away, she knew what was going on. This was all shocking to her.

She actually shared a story about how her friend Billy visited her in jail. She woke up, and he was standing outside her cell. She had no idea how he got there, but it turns out that he wasn't really there. Sabrina said, "He smiled so brightly and told me that he loved me (as a friend) and that I was supposed to lift my head up and walk towards the future.

He told me how happy he was and that I wasn’t to worry about him or my cats and that everything would work out. He told me its a new beginning and a few other things I am unable to remember. He disappeared, and I went back to sleep." She feels like this was real and it turns out that her friend Billy died while she was in jail.

How is Sabrina High doing now?

Sabrina High says that she is doing great and isn't actually using at all right now. This is her version of the story. Sabrina also went on to share that she doesn't get to see her daughters at all right now, but her sister-in-law has custody of them, and they are together. If she can keep her act together, then she will end up getting to see her daughters which is very important to her.

It doesn't sound like Sabrina High will ever get custody of her daughters back, though. She hasn't even seen them in about six months.

Are you shocked to hear about Sabrina High's friend passing? Do you think this could end up causing her back into drug issues? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Return To Amish" on Sunday nights on TLC.

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