Simon Cowell’s unyielding “no” broke the hope of the fans that he will be reunited with “American Idol” when it returns in ABC after it went off the air last April 2016. The storied talent show will no longer have the British record producer as one of its judges. Cowell, through “American Idol,” was able to make his name in the US. With his wit and honesty in giving blatant and harsh comments to the contestants, Americans learned to love him and his personality.

Cowell suggests Ryan Seacrest

However, when asked if he is willing to do “Idol” again, an honest “I have no interest” is his reply and pointed out that Ryan Seacrest, might still be interested in being part of the talent show's reboot.

Previously, Seacrest expressed that he would love to be the host of “Idol” again once it returns. At the moment Seacrest is still involved with his current show “Live!” For 15 years, he has been a part of the show, where he had become a witness in the struggles and success of contestants. Even Seacrest’s current co-host, Kelly Ripa, also supports his return to the show.

AI’s new home

After more than a year off air, Fremantle Media along with its partner CORE Media Group’s 19 Entertainment, found the right motivation to revive “American Idol.” The show is not yet considered divorced with Fox as its previous network. Its early negotiation with NBC in February was not successful. However, it has managed to smoothen its way back to the spotlight with the Disney-owned channel, ABC.

There is a high possibility that Ryan Seacrest will be back but it is not clear yet if he will still get $15 million like what he had at Fox. One of the reasons for the demise of the show is the pricey talents. There were indications that Kelly Clarkson will be one of the new judges, and her management is working to free some of her previous engagements to be on the show's reboot.

Clarkson was the first winner of the talent show and her presence as a judge will serve as a great inspiration to those who are also aspiring to be where she is now. However, later today, it has been confirmed that Clarkson will be one of the judges of another reality singing show, “The Voice.”

It seems that the new season of “American Idol” will be really all-new.

The show’s first season had Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell as judges and it seems Ryan Seacrest will be the only one left from the original talents. Cowell left the show in 2010 for a reason. For him, the show is not the same as the original, it only has the same name but what they had before could never be recreated.

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