Donald Trump spent the majority of his Friday morning lashing out on social media and defending himself from the onslaught of criticism in response to his firing of James Comey as head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). While the president was tweeting up a storm, many social media users made their opinions known, including the ever vocal George Takei.

Takei on Trump

The last 48 hours has turned the entire American political landscape upside down. After James Comey was fired by Donald Trump, even more questions were raised in regards to the motive behind the decision, as well as if it had anything to do with the former FBI director leading the investigation into what Russia's impact was on the 2016 presidential election.

Earlier this year, Comey swore under oath that Trump was under investigation, which contradicts what the president has pushed over the last two days. The former host of "The Apprentice" claims that he was told by Comey that there was no investigation taking place, telling NBC News' Lester Holt that he was reassured by the former director on three different occasions. On Friday morning, Trump went on a tweetstorm in defense of himself, while appearing to threaten Comey with potential leaked videos of their conversation in the process. As seen on Twitter on May 12, George Takei decided to give his thoughts on what is taking place in Washington.

Taking to his Twitter account on Friday was George Takei who continued his criticism of Donald Trump, not holding back his thoughts on the current issue regarding James Comey.

"Trump admitted that he had planned to fire Comey because he believes the 'Russia thing' is a made up story," Takei tweeted out, before adding, "THAT'S NOT HIS RIGHT TO DECIDE."

"'I am not under investigation' is the new 'I am not a crook,'" George Takei sarcastically wrote mocking Donald Trump's denial by comparing him to the infamous Richard Nixon quote.

"Anyone want to guess how rank and file FBI now view Trump?" Takei wondered, while commenting, "If he was hoping they'd quake in fear and fall in line, he's sorely mistaken."

"Today Donald threatened James Comey with possible 'tapes' of their conversations.

And we thought the meeting with Kissinger was on the nose!" the former "Star Trek" star wrote. Not stopping there, Takei then replied to Donald Trump's tweet about possibly ending the White House press briefings, stating, "Well, Donald, on the plus side, canceling future White House press briefings would certainly shut down a primary source of fake news."

Next up

While George Takei and other high-profiled critics of the president continue to use their popularity to push back against the White House, it doesn't appear as if Donald Trump will be changing his style anytime soon. Despite gloating about his first four months in office, Trump has an approval rating that is dropping below 40 percent, while showing no signs of bouncing back anytime soon.