The previous year was rough for the singer Taylor Swift with two relationships that ended before the public eye. With the immediate silence on the part of the "Bad Blood" singer in the following months, fans started to speculate that she was in hiding. Recent reports, however, suggest that the "Love Story" singer has been kept on her toes for her upcoming Album.

Previous fiascoes

It can be recalled that the 27-year-old singer ended her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris after 15 months of being together. It was later followed by another romantic relationship with "Kong Island" actor Tom Hiddleston which again ended after three months.

Aside from her failed relationships, Taylor Swift had disputes with "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West about a song named after their son, 'Famous.'

Laying low

Several sources now claim that it is not an accident that Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend has not been making noise recently. Allegedly, the singer is deliberately keeping a very low profile so she can concentrate on her upcoming album. In addition, the "White Horse" singer intends to release her album in Fall as she hopes to make it happen for her fans. Moreover, other sources said that Swift had her much-deserved time away and is just so excited to be in the limelight again.

Her friend, Ed Sheeran, reportedly inspired the award-winning singer to shrink away from the spotlight.

It can be recalled that despite his six Grammy wins, Sheeran went to Australia, kept a low profile and apparently disappeared from the public eye before releasing his next album titled "Divide."

New album

For the past two months, the singer-songwriter has been busy recording. The alleged project is a follow-up to her fifth studio album titled, "1989." The content of her upcoming album is anticipated to reflect her previous romantic experiences.

The sixth album has no official release date yet, but several sources close to the singer said it is expected to be out in the fall.

There are also speculations that the singer-songwriter might be clocking the album's release to match with some of her recent business venture schedules. This includes her music and other products surrounding her brand. Taylor Swift reportedly submitted a patent for a website called Swifties. Speculations have it that the said site will stream her latest album.