American Idol” is making a comeback after a record breaking 15 seasons of showcasing the Americas’ singing prowess. However, the show will make its comeback on Disney-owned ABC, not Fox.


After months of speculation, ABC announced that the talent show is set to be launched its next season on their network. Previously, NBC showed some interest in acquiring the show; however, it was not pushed through. The latter has its own success in competition show through “The Voice” while “Rising Star” and “Duets” did not earned the same popularity.

After Fox ended its 15th season of “Idol” last April 2016, the network lost its eagerness to continue the show.

The producers of the show wanted to place it in another channel when the network finally decided to end it. News about the show’s revival started heating up last February.

Record-breaking ratings

American Idol” has been an icon for entertainment and everyone is aware that its legacy is also known in other countries. It has reached an average of 31 million weekly viewers on Fox and for seven consecutive seasons, it has managed to be the number 1 in adults (18-49).

It is not also a secret that the show’s premiere every season out-rates the Oscars regularly. At the competition’s height, it owned the prestige of being the biggest entertainment telecast of the year.

It remained a rating powerhouse behind the deteriorating audience share that eventually led to its cancellation.

The fact that the price tags of Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez and the rest of the talents are skyrocketing was also considered. Disney Media Networks sees the potential of the show and since it is an entertainment channel, “American Idol” is now at home where it belongs. It will be a great addition to ABC’s

It will be a great addition to ABC’s lineup of most-watched shows together with “Dancing with the Star” and “The Bachelor.

” Fremantle Media Group and Core Media Group, the producers of the show, expressed their excitement to the network's enthusiasm in reviving it.

With all the talk about its upcoming return, it proves that “American Idol” is still as popular as ever. The details are still vague on how the show will be bigger and bolder than before, but fans can't wait until it's back on TV.

It has been the “Idol” tradition to tell inspiring stories about those who join the contest, ABC will reignite that feeling of the viewers. The March 2018 launch of “American Idol,” is expected to be officially announced during ABC’s presentations to ad buyers on May 16.