"Silicon Valley" season 4, Episode 6 has teased a return of a guest star on Sunday. To recall, he is someone very familiar and who used to be the member of the Pied Piper crew who does always the beeping. Needless to say, episode 6 paves the return of Russ. Meanwhile, another spoiler reveals that something good is in the favor of Richard Hendricks. He was too desperate to have his new venture off the ground; however, something surprising comes along his way. Is there something between him and Liz?

The return of Russ

The comeback of Russ in "Silicon Valley" has potentially brought all sorts of comedy.

Some of the news has saddened everyone upon knowing that TJ Miller is departing after the end of the season. However, Russ' return has brought light to the show. The episode 6 synopsis revealed that Richard will look outside the tech bubble with his hunt for financial support. Eventually, he will cross path with Pied Piper's past.

Further, Elrich tries to reach for Monica while Laurie is also searching for another endeavor. To recall, Russ also first appeared in the premiere when he told Richard about "better internet." As he returns, Russ takes the credit of Richard's idea since most of the time; he did the wrong thing but only to show up at the wrong school for him to pick up his daughter.

Liz shows interest to Richard?

For the past episodes, Richard has been trying so hard in order to put up a new venture.

This time, it looks like table turns into his favor. Richard knows about Elrich interest over Liz and he always ends up criticizing him. Liz, on the other hand, is one of the few people who have been interested in his technology and someone who got to spend time with him in a day.

However, eventually, Liz will be engaged with Dan. spoilers reveal that this will be the start for some things to get awkward.

Apparently, Liz has an intimate interest over Richard. Hence, she will end up sleeping with him during a late night in the office.

Basically, this is a surprising twist in the story. As Liz ends up sleeping with Richard, she will be convinced more of staying with Dan. On the other hand, Dan knows nothing about what happened. Another awkward scene will feature Richard to be in an elevator ride shortly after what happened to him and Liz.

In addition, the show offers some laughs and surprises elsewhere. At some point, it is good to assume that Richard's venture of having a new company is definitely getting possible.

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