HBO's Silicon Valley has been one of the network's most loved shows over the past few years and within that time, the character Erlich Bachman played by T. J. Miller has emerged as the show's iconic character. However, the actor will not be a part of the show for next season, according to an announcement made by HBO yesterday.

End of an era

Silicon Valley's take on the start-up culture in the United States has made it one of the most popular shows on television over these four seasons and a large part of the credit must go to the character Erlich Bachman, played by T.

J. Miller. The eccentric character, who gets into odd situations in pretty much every episode has generated a bit of a cult following among the fans of the show. The current season, however, will be the end of 'Bachmanity' in the show, as actor T J Miller is not going to be the part of the show from the next season. HBO released a statement in which they announced that the network and Miller have mutually agreed to part ways from next season. However, they did not forget to commend Miller on his excellent work on the show so far. The statement added, "In Erlich Bachman, T.J. has brought to life an unforgettable character, and while his presence on the show will be missed, we appreciate his contribution and look forward to future collaborations."

So, what's next?

There is absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind that the Emmy Award winning show would be poorer without the eccentric presence of T.

J. Miller's Erlich Bachman but as of now, the creators of the show have not shared what is going to happen with the character. It is unknown whether the character is going to be written out of the show as the plot takes a new turn or a if a new actor is going to step into Miller's shoes. Needless to say, it would definitely be better if the character is done away with altogether if Miller is not going to be part of the show any longer since it is unlikely that fans would be comfortable with anyone else playing the role of Bachman.

HBO announced the renewal of the show for next season and dropped the news about Miller's departure along with it, that must have come as a big shock for most fans. The success of Silicon Valley has also provided Miller with plenty of breakthroughs, including his own show on Comedy Central and it is believed that it is his tough schedule that might be the reason for his departure. Other actors including stars like Zach Woods, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Amanda Crew and other regulars are all going to be with the show next season.