"Silicon Valley," the tech comedy series of Judge and Alec Berg, has been renewed for its fifth installment in HBO. The series is still currently airing its fourth season; however, it is still good to know that it will still return for the next installment next year. Meanwhile, one of the reports claims that one of the characters will no longer return for the next season. T.J. Miller, who usually plays as Erlich Bachman, will no longer join the cast.

HBO confirms Miller's departure

Apart from the confirmed renewal of "Silicon Valley" for the fifth installment, HBO further confirmed that Miller would no longer be rejoining for the next installment.

As per reports, the series producer and the actor have mutually agreed to such decision. To recall, Miller's character has brought to life an unforgettable role. While his presence will no longer be seen in the series, it will be interesting to find out how the show will move on without him.

Nonetheless, reports further confirmed that the production has been thankful for all his contributions and collaborations with the show. Apparently, his presence will be missed for the next installment. For the meantime, HBO hasn't confirmed yet on how his character will be written out from the series. However, in the world of "Silicon Valley," there are always significant ways to do the exits.

For the meantime, HBO and Miller have not given any reasons behind his departure from the show.

However, some speculations claim that the actor has currently started working on bigger roles for a bigger project. Nevertheless, Miller's fans can still check out on him as he stars for "The Emoji Movie" this summer.

Season 5 set to return in 2018

With the "Silicon Valley" Season 5 renewal, HBO also clarifies that the series will return on TV on 2018.

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Apart from it, HBO also renewed "Veep" for its seventh season. Apparently, HBO now has two shows scheduled to be aired next year. "Silicon Valley" is expected to feature the real-life tech executives of today like Twitter and Facebook's CEO.

Further, the series will also center on Richard Hendriks with his plan to enhance the nature of the internet.

The series always has the style of featuring current trends that are close enough to reality. Meanwhile, reports claim that some of the CEOs from the tech giant companies have also worked with the writers of the series. It is one way of making sure that they will be able to show a refined detail of the technological industry.