The CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" has a cast that's aging. Longtime viewers can remember when Cricket/Christine, Victoria, Nick, and others were teens and young adults. They now have children and are old enough to have grandchildren. "Y&R" has just aged a few of the children on the show, giving fans another generation that is both young and restless.

Aging the young and the restless

Victoria's son Reed was one of very few children on "Y&R." He went to live with his dad but recently returned to Genoa City as a 16- year-old. On Wednesday's episode Cane and Lilly's twins Mattie and Charlie had also been aged to teenagers.

The young adults are interacting without even realizing their family connection.

Reed had been dating a young lady named Zoe. He thought they were in a good place until he saw her kissing Charlie. When Reed relayed the event to his step dad Billy he referred to Charlie as a jock from Walnut Grove. Later, Reed meets Mattie without knowing she is Charlie's twin. The two interact and it is clear they are smitten with each other. Charlie and Mattie's parents are Cane and Lilly. Both work for Reed's mother Victoria, along with his step dad Billy. "The Young and the Restless" has now brought in a new generation of cast members who will see that the show continues to live up to its name.

The beat goes on for Genoa City

Victor Newman and Jill Abbot are the oldest residents in Genoa City. In real-time they would more than likely be great grandparents. This would bring another generation to the show. But, there is actually a missing generation. Aging Charlie, Mattie, and Reed is a good idea, as there were no teens on the show.

The interactions between the teenagers and adults have always been pretty good on "The Young and the Restless." Aging these children will allow for more storylines, and additional drama. With the death of Katherine Chancellor, Jack, Jill, Nikki and Victor remain the only longterm seniors on the show.

Gloria comes and goes, as does Dina Mercheron.

Should these older actors decide to retire, there will need to be young people to take their place. This makes the aging of these children good for the show. Sharon and Nick basically grew up on camera in front of the viewing audience. Watching twins Mattie and Charlie grow into adulthood, along with Reed will be nice. And, we should brace ourselves for Faith, Conner, Katherine, and Johnny to soon be aged as well.

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