“Teen Mom OG” stars Amber Portwood and her ex-fiancé Matt Baier were recently approached by Vivid Entertainment and offered a sex tape deal. Unsurprisingly, Amber and Matt haven’t received much in the way of support from their fans – or co-stars.

Matt is flattered

A day ago, Matt revealed to US Weekly that he was flattered by the sex tape offer. Baier talked about how interesting it was to sit down and see the adult industry from a business point of view. The “Teen Mom OG” star revealed how shocked he and Amber both were by how professional and low pressure the situation was. He claimed it was a “very good meeting” and they “really enjoyed it.”

The MTV personalities were offered $85,000 by the company as an advance payment as well as 35 percent of the net revenues the sex tape made.

According to Baier and Portwood, the two are mulling over the decision. Baier explained that this was a business decision, and the two needed time to look at the pros and cons before making a decision.

Gained respect for Farrah

Farrah Abraham filmed a sex tape with the same company four years ago and received a great deal of backlash from fans of the show as well as her co-stars. Matt recognized that Amber and Farrah have never gotten along, but he has a new respect for their fellow co-star after getting a chance to look at the adult industry from a more business point of view.

Fans aren’t happy

A few days ago, Amber took to Twitter to reveal how stunned she was that her fans and followers had so much negativity and malice towards the fact that she had been offered a sex tape deal.

Amber and Matt have yet to decide whether or not to accept the deal, but many had already developed very negative opinions as a result. Amber proceeded to tell people who had nothing nice to say about the sex tape deal to unfollow her and she didn’t have time to deal with the negativity.

Even Farrah chimed in

Unsurprisingly, Farrah Abraham also had an opinion about the sex tape deal.

While the deal appears to have given Portwood and Baier a newfound respond for Farrah, it hasn’t changed Farrah’s opinion of her co-stars. Farrah slammed Amber for wanting to be “just like her.” Farrah also called Matt a “conman” and claimed he doesn’t even like Amber and was just trying to “pimp her out” for money.

Amber Portwood and Matt have yet to accept the sex tape deal, and they have already received a great deal of backlash over it.

It would appear as if whether or not the “Teen Mom OG” stars decide to accept the deal or not, they are doomed to fan backlash.

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